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  • Simple Soccer  v.13.12.00Arcade soccer game much in the same vein as the now classic Sensible Soccer. Coding is being done in Blitz Basic PC, graphics are 2D pixel variety. Commercial proceeds will go to charity. Open source status may be ...
  • Martian Chess for 4 players  v.1.0This is a Blitz Basic program that emulates a 4 player game of Martian Chess.
  • The Wrath Of Mamm  v.1.0Simple 2d puzzle game similar to chips challenge. I started writing it in Qbasic and then rewrote it in Blitz basic with improved graphics. This is the latest iteration in C++. All of the graphics and code are mine except for the Mappy playback ...
  • Tank Attack 2D (BlitzBasic)  v.1.0This is a simple 2D sprite based tank game that I made in my first year of university for my games development unit, It's written in Blitz Basic.
  • PlayBasic  v.1.01PlayBasic is game creation language for windows. Made for beginners, but powerful enough to produce exciting games. Play includes as many built in features as possible. Letting you focus on making games and not the complex techniques behind it.
  • Witch's Agenda  v.1.0Witch's Agenda is a 13 level, side scrolling platform game, where you play as a green, long-nosed Witch. It was programmed in an uncommon language called Blitz ...
  • Tile Studio  v.2.42Complete development utility for graphics of tile-based games. Contains a bitmap editor for creating tiles and sprites and a map editor for level maps. Tile Studio is programmable, so it can be used together with any programming langauge!
  • Old West Pong  v.1.2There was this old game for Windows 95 called Super Pong 95. It had six game modes, ranging from classic to four-paddle...and Old West pong. In this game, paddles can fire bullets which can hit an opponent's paddle and freeze them for a second. In ...
  • L-Basic  v.1.23L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program. L-Basic emphasizes teaching proper Basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-Basic will help you understand how to program in the most popular versions of the Basic language.
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